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方法1:串連7個以上 串連7個以上的Tsum會隨機產生大型Tsum。通常此方法會出現的是泡泡,但大型Tsum也有一定的機率會出現喔。最推薦的是7~10連鎖。自行落下 完全是靠運氣,有時會自行從上方落下大型Tsum。比起串連7個,自行落下的機率好像還比較高

這裡所介紹的是人氣手機遊戲「LINE 迪士尼 Tsum Tsum」的角色數值、BINGO攻略、LINE好友募集留言板等等,有關於此遊戲的各種有用資訊。不只是台版,日版的最新角色與攻略情報也能在這裡找到!不管是新手玩家或職業級玩家都適用!

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11/10/2017 · r/TsumTsum: For everything pertaining to Disney Tsum Tsum. Keep up to date with the adorable stackable plush or vinyls, get help with the LINE game

Top responsesNo guarantees but the more you clear at once (longer chain/bigger burst), the better the odds of getting big tsums to drop. The only guarantee is to use  read more7 votesThere are some tsums that make big tsums (Sully and Baymax), but if you don’t have those, the only way to do it consistently is to clear a lot of tsums  read more1 voteDo 7+ chains.0 votes查看全部
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Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6 – Series 1 Big Hero 6 – Series 2 Birds Tsum Tsum Collection City/County Sets Canada Ireland Los Angeles Mexico Spain

29/9/2018 · Is the best way of doing the Bingo Card 11 “Clear 320 Big Tsums Using A Pixar Tsum” just Using Sully? I feel like doing that is going to take hours, even with his skill, and I’m wasting time only getting like 300 coins per game with him

Top responsesI used Sulley to clear this mission. I would recommend keeping a magic bubble handy to kill the chain animation.10 votesDo EVERY other piece too, try to use pixars if you can, try to pick up any Big tsums as you work through the cards But yes, Sully is going to be your go to on  read more7 votesIf you have Space Ranger Buzz, you could use him too. I don’t have Sully so can’t compare, but Buzz’s skill is pretty fun and the big tsums add up quite  read more8 votesI did it with SL4 Sully in less than an hour. Averaged 3-4 big tsums per skill, and 5-7 skill usages per game for about 18-25 each time. It’s definitely possible with  read more6 votesI just do sully and 5->4 even if I lose some money, usually I can get around 40 in a game so it should only take like 8-10 ish?4 votesThere is no time limit on the Bingo cards. Just let it run in the background for the next few weeks or even months if necessary and then finish off the missions that  read more4 votes查看全部

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Tsum Tsum Mobile Game Home Mobile Game About the game Tsum Tsum is a mobile game available for iOS and Andriod devices via their respective app stores.

Tsum Tsum Disney Star Wars Plush Collector Set # 3 (4 Pack) Endor/Return of The Jedi ROTJ with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia & Scout Trooper / Imperial Biker

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5->4 helps a lot and I used a burst tsum to help clear more tsums at once. It still takes a bit of luck since they big tsums come randomly but it’ll increases your chances of

這篇是專門為了 Tsum Tsum 特別技能而整理 主要幾個是在某些情況下可使用,讓解任務變得更輕鬆 這百百種角色配上百百種技能,也是花了我不少時間 (拭汗 希望我之後還會

擁有容易沉迷的體質,在家有空閒的時候更見病重!1天之內已完成tsum tsum新update的bingo卡~ 完全不懂日文玩起來應該不容易,就讓我用我的估估下演譯看看幫不幫到玩家

Tsum Tsum Bingo Card No.2 Tsum Tsum Bingo Card No.3 Tsum Tsum Bingo Card No.4 Tsum Tsum Bingo Card No.5 Tsum Tsum Bingo Card No.6 Tsum Tsum Bingo 吧!

Disney Tsum Tsum (pronounced “tsoom tsoom”) is the name of a range of Japanese collectible stuffed toys based upon Disney-owned characters.[1] The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, because the rectangle-shaped toys are designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.[1] There are also

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我和Tsum Tsum有個約會 ツムツムとデートしよう. 7,678 likes · 32 talking about this. 自娛用~由一群被友人推下深坑的人創建der版~ 主要提供日版ツムツム的資訊 歡迎各位inbox


With Horned King / Figaro just clear 2 big Tsum Tsum The Witch’s Final Battle: 12,000 pts