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《POP TEAM EPIC》 (日語: ポプテピピック,中國大陸譯作「pop子和pipi美的日常」) 是由大川bkub創作的日本搞笑四格漫畫作品,自2014年8月在竹書房的網絡漫畫發佈站《 漫畫人生WIN ( 日語 : まんがライフWIN ) 》連載 [12]。

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Pop Team Epic (Japanese: ポプテピピック, Hepburn: Poputepipikku), also known as Poptepipic, is a Japanese four-panel surreal comedy webcomic and digital manga series written and illustrated by Bkub Okawa (alternatively romanized as “Bukubu Okawa”), which started serialization on Takeshobo’s Manga Life Win website in August 2014

Episodes: 12 + 2 specials (List of episodes)
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27/3/2018 · “POP TEAM EPIC” by Sumire Uesaka Watch Pop Team Epic dubbed on Funimation: https://funi.to/2U7m2mb _____ Crude, rude, and a littlecute? Get ready for the larger-than-life attitude of Popuko and Pipimi, the small and tall stars of Pop

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14/2/2018 · Pop Team Epic Best Funny Moments