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You can read employee interviews and the latest company’s initiative of Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong). Wantedly is a Tokyo-listed company that uses the web to make ‘work’ the most exciting it’s ever been. To make this happen, Wantedly has created a platform

Wantedly Hong Kong. 9.7K likes. Wantedly is a Tokyo-based listed HRTech company founded in 2010 with the mission to create a world where work meets

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為你嘅夢想 開創新嘅路! 工作有好多種,所以我哋希望幫助你發掘你熱愛嘅工作。透過Wantedly,我哋保證你可以遇到擁有共同目標,相同價值觀嘅“準“同事。

7/5/2018 · 踏入5月初,各位大學生和準畢業生都早已開始搵工了。大家的搵工途徑除了招聘展、jobsDB和勞工處等傳統方法之外, 現在還可以別具一面的新式招聘平台Wantedly找到理想的公司。它的最大賣點是,求職者和公司面試之前,會先來場「約會」。

「平民版」打工皇帝?! 年薪過億就未有耐,但有冇諗過喺香港做sales係可以過百萬年薪? 唔一定要大企業,入到呢間來自德國嘅公司你就fat fat喇~